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Chassis Model ZZ1167M4611W
Dimension (L ×W ×H)(unloaded) (mm) 9000 ×2470 ×3600
Max. Lifting Capacity (kg) 5000
Crane Model SQ5SK3Q
Approaching Angle/Departure Angle (°) 23/15
Overhang(front/rear) (mm) 1500/2277
Wheel Base (mm) 4600
Max. Speed (km/h) 90
Curb Weight (Self Weight) (kg) 8860
Cab HOWO70 Standard Cab with Air Conditioner,
ZF8098 Steering Gear and No Sleeper
Engine WD615.87, 290HP, Diesel Engine, Euro II Emission
Transmission HW15710
Front Axle HF7 Drum Type
Drive Axle ST16
Tire 12.00R20 Radial Tyre

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