Flatbed gooseneck trailers for sale

flatbed gooseneck trailers

Flatbed gooseneck trailers for sale
Tare Weight 7800 kg
Payload 40000 kg
Overall Weight 47800 kg
Overall Length 12400 mm
Overall Width 2480 mm
Overall Height 1575 mm
Wheel track 1840 mm
Wheelbase 7450mm+1310mm+1310mm
40ft Flatbed Trailers for Sale Specification
Main Frame Heavy duty and extra durability designed; Opting for high tensile steel Q345B, welding by automatic Submerged-Arc processes
500mm Height “I” beam, Top Flange 14mm, width 140mm; Middle Flange 6mm; Bottom Flange 16mm, width 140mm
Floor Steel sheet 3mm thickness
Axle Three units of 13T axle
Suspension 3-axle suspension, American design
Leaf Spring Six sets of reliable leaf spring, 16*90mm or 100*12mm
King Pin one unit of 3.5″ bolt-in kingpin
Landing Gear Two-speed, manual operation, heavy duty landing gear
Wheel Rim 13 units of 8.25-22.5 wheel rim
Tire 13 units of 11R22.5 tire
Twist Lock Twelve nos. four nos are fasten mode, eight nos are up-down mode, of twist lock for 2x20ft, 1x40ft container, central locks can be laid down.
Spare Wheel Carrier One set of spare wheel carrier including a riser.
Pneumatic Braking System Two units of relay valve; four units of T30/30 spring brake chamber; two units of T30 brake chamber, two units of reliable local brand 45L air tank; two units of reliable standard coppery air-connector.
Electrical System One unit of JAEGER POWAY, 24V 7-pin ISO 1185 socket; two sets of reliable, local brand standard rear light, turn light, rear reflector, side light, side reflector etc. One set of 6-core standard Cable.
Painting Sand blasting before painting;
one coats of primer, anti corrosion;
two coat of finish painting;
colour advised by client
Accessory One box with a set of standard trailer tool
Container Flatbed Trailers for Sale Payment & Terms
MOQ: 1 unit
FOB Price: 11000 ~ 13500 Per unit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Capacity: 500 Units per Month
Delivery Time: About 25 Working Days
Delivery Port: Shanghai
Package: 2 Units in 1x40HQ, CBU or CKD or SKD

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