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Concrete Mixer Truck China From Howo Sinotruk

The concrete mixer truck is composed of the chassis and the special device for concrete mixing and transport. The latter mainly include the power takeoff, front and real support for mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, control mechanism, cleaning system, etc.

The concrete mixer truck takes out power from the chassis via the power takeoff and drives the variable pump of the hydraulic system to convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The hydraulic energy is transmitted to the quantitative motor which then drives the reducer. The reducer then drives the mixing device to mix the concrete.

Our concrete mixing and transport vehicle has reasonable structure, superior power performance and low fuel consumption. Its cab is elegant, safe, and comfortable. The product can meet the operating requirements of different road conditions and it is suitable for medium and short-distance concrete mixing and transport.

The concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction. Because of its shape, it is also referred to as snail car. It mainly consists of car chassis, mixing drum, drive system, and water supply system. Due to technical bottlenecks, the aforementioned four parts used in domestic mixing vehicles are mostly imported.

According to the volume, the concrete mixer truck can be divided into 5-6m3 type,8m3 type, 10m3 type, 12m3 type, and 12-15m3 type.

Special Features
1. The dedicated part of the mixing vehicle consists of mixing drum, subframe, feed and discharge devices, control system, hydraulic system, electrical system, water supply system, riding wheel, covering parts, and others.
2. The mixing drum is the most important part of the mixing vehicle. Our mixing drum adopts optimal design and has many advantages, such as large loading and mixing space, good uniformity, fast discharge speed, low residual rate, etc. The low center of gravity design of the mixing drum makes the driving of the vehicle more stable.
3. The mixing drum body and mixing blades are made of special materials. They have good wear resistance and long service life.
4. The closed loop hydraulic system is compact in structure, making the concretemixer truck work more efficiently.
5. Both the feed hopper and discharge chute are equipped with wear-resistant lining plates, which enable the whole vehicle to have longer service life and more stable performance.

Functions of the parts atop the chassis are as follows.
1. Loading
The ability to feed the concrete into the mixing drum

2. Mixing
The ability to prevent the concrete condensing or segregating during transport or waiting for unloading

3. Transport
The ability to transport the concrete from the mixing station to the construction site

4. Unloading
The ability to discharge the concrete

5. Cleaning
The ability to clean the mixing drum
Since the concrete has adhesive force, it will certainly adhere to the parts that are in contact with it, such as the feed port, tank wall, mixing blades, discharge port, etc. To prevent too much concrete attaching affecting the performance of the vehicle, it is necessary to clean the residual concrete that attaches to the tank and other parts.

Notes for New Vehicle Run-in
1. The run-in distance is set to be 2500 km. Before running in, conduct a routine check of the concrete mixer truck to ensure that the vehicle is in normal working condition.
2. After starting the engine, do not accelerate immediately. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes. After the normal operating temperature is reached, you can increase the engine speed.
3. It is strictly prohibited to shut down the engine in the state of warming car. You have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes before shutdown.
4. During the run-in period, the vehicle should run on flat roads.
5. You should shift the gears timely. Smoothly engage the clutch. Avoid sudden acceleration and emergency braking.
6. Before going up the slope, shift into the low speed level. But note that do not let the engine work at very low speeds.
7. In the first 3000km driving distance of the new vehicle, the vehicle load should not exceed 70% of the rated load. The lubrication and maintenance cycle should be shortened in the break-in period.

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