CNG tube trailers for sale

Name Compressed Nature Gas Long Tube Transportation Semi Trailer
Volume 25.02m³
Dimension 13000mm*2480mm*3140mm
Rated Load 4340kg
Tare Weight 35660kg
Total Weight 40000kg
Usage The cargo’s carrying part is 6 tubes tank-style designed, is suitable for the transportation of compressed natural gas.
Remarks Total volume of tank: 25.02m³, Transport medium: CNG, Medium density: 170kg/m³, Tank is composed of 6 tubes.
Tube Skid Container Items Parameter Cylinder Items Parameter
Type GSJ08-2210-CNG-25 Working Pressure 25MPa
Net Weight(without Chassis) 26762Kg
CNG Loading Weight 4010Kg Working Temperature -50~65°C
Rated Weight 30772Kg Main material 4130X
Risk Class 2.1 Cylinder Quantity 6
UN code 1049
Loading Medium CNG Total Cylinder Volume 25.02m3
Leakage test pressure 25MPa Hydrostatic test pressure 37.5MPa
Inflating Volume 6300Nm3(20℃) dimension(Diameter x Thickness x Length) Φ711×17.4×12190
Heat Treatment Quenching+Tempering Design Temperature 65℃
outside dimension 12192x2438x1400(mm) Working Temperature -40~60°C
Leakage test pressure 25MPa
Medium Property Explosive
Bursting Disc Bursting Pressure 37.5MPa material 4130X
Bursting Disc Device Discharging Diameter ≥ φ20 material 4130X

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