40 ft container semi-trailer

3 axle 40FT container semi-trailer
item unit quantity notice
 overall dimension    12380length*2500width*1520height,
detail according to the drawing
 axle  piece 3 13T  standard
 tyre  piece 12 11R20-16PR
 rim  piece 12 8.0-20
 leaf spring  piece 6 90width*10pieces*13 thickness
braking system set  2 line air braking system with air tank ,emergency relay valve,braking chambers and mechanical slack adjusters.
electrical  system  set  1 24 volt electrical system.7 pin electrical connector.parking .stop,reverse,number plate and indicator lights.rear lights conform to European standard,rear front and side reflectors
suspension set  3 Our standard Suspension 
relay valve  whole vehicle 1  domestic brand
landing gear pair  1 19” FUWA
kingpin 2" piece 1 50#  welded type
tie-in  piece 2 haldex 
chamber  piece 2 stored chamber 2 units T30/30 
upper and lower wing plates      14/16mm,width146mm,
using the highly quality Q345 steel,
twist locks 8 can load 1*40′,2*20′  containers
main beam  height: 500mm  webplate:6mm 
using the highly quality Q345 steel
reflectors Red triangle reflectors at the rear of the trailer and  on side 
Shotblasting  and  paint Chassis is comletely shor blasted to SA 2.5 grade,and painted with first layer of international Zinc Epoxy primer(30 Microns DEF),second layer international high built polyurethane under coat(40 microns DFT),THIRD AND FORTH LAYERS INTERNATIONAL alkyd FINISH TOP coat.total 80-100 microns.
spare tyre carrier     2 standard
color        according to required on customer
payment terms 30% TT in advance,the balance should be paid 10 days prior to the delivery time
delivery date 15 working days after the deposit and the confirmation of the drawing.

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